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The general situation of 114th Session of the Canton Fair


Faced with slow growth of global trade, fiercer competition on the international market, and constant trade frictions, as well as domestic pressure, the 114th Canton Fair continues to adopt the policy of “keep the momentum and make progress, forge ahead and spur innovation”.

189,646 overseas buyers from 212 countries and regions around the world attended the 114th Canton Fair, a 6.5% decrease over the 113th session and a 0.1% increase over the 112th session.

Of all continents, Asia ranks No.1 in buyer attendance, taking up 54.17% of the total. No.2 is Europe 20.45% of the total, No.3 America 14.85% of the share, No.4 Africa with 7.12% share, and No.5 Oceania with 3.4% share respectively.

The accumulated export transaction of this session totaled 194.61 billion RMB (or 31.69 billion US dollars), a decrease of 10.9% over the 113th session and a decrease of 3% over the 112th session (fluctuation of exchange rate has been deducted).

Short-term orders within 3 months took up 48.9% of the total; mid-term orders of 3 to 6 months 34.9% of the total; and long-term orders 16.2% of the total.

“Design Events to Promote Trade” series activities were very popular among exhibitors from home and abroad, design companies and global buyers. 2690 companies took an active part in the design events as as opportunity to development their competitive edge. During this session, the space of Canton Fair PDC totaled 1129.5 m2, up by 31% than the last session. 74 design institutes from 10 countries and regions participated in the design display. Among the total 9099 cases where customers had the intention, 1692 cases were likely to become cooperation projects. The 114th Canton Fair held 83 seminars and forums, which was spoken highly of by design institutes and exhibitors.

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