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Vice Minister of Commerce Zhang Zhigang visited Norway

Mr. Zhang Zhigang Attending the 16th China-Norway Joint Committee on Trade and Economic Cooperation

At the invitation of Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry, Mr. Zhang Zhigang, Vice Minister of Commerce and his Chinese Government Economic and Trade Delegation visited Norway from May 25 to 27, 2005.

During the visit, Mr. Zhang Zhigang met with Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry Brende on May 27, and co-chaired with State Secretary Hiim the opening ceremony of China-Norway Joint Committee on Trade and Economic Cooperation. Mr. Zhang Zhigang said that China and Norway had good relations and high official visits between each other were frequent, trade and economic cooperation scales and fields were expanded step by step. In 2004, bilateral trade exceeded US$2.4 billion, up by 37.5% and 3.6% higher than that of China-Europe trade in the same period. China was willing to go on enhancing trade and economic cooperation with Morway on the basis of complementary advantages.

Norway party expressed that China was the biggest trading partner of Norway in Asia, Norway encouraged enterprises from the two countries to strengthen communication and cooperation and welcomed Chinese products with high quality and low price to enter into Norwegian market and was against the restrictions on Chinese textile.

During the meeting, the two sides reviewed China-Norway trade and economic cooperation since the 15th joint committee in 2002 and focused on the issues of China's exports of Animal Derived Food to Norway, establishment of two-way investment cooperation mechanism, IPR protection and cooperation promotion in fields of shipbuilding, seamen service, fishery, energy sources, telecommunication and tourism and deeply exchanged views.

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